Reckless biking

     |    Thursday, der 5. January 2012

I’ve read an article in a Berliner local newspaper lately in which a journalist complained about reckless biking in Berlin. He referred to some bikers being very dangerous for cars as they don’t observe traffic rules. I was pleased to read that I am not the only one who is unhappy about the behavior of 

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Ben Breedlove

     |    Tuesday, der 3. January 2012

I have received this video from a friend last week. This story is not so much up to date any more but it is so astonishing to me that I wanted to share it in case some people still haven’t heard from it. This is unfortunately a very sad story. 18 year old Ben Breedlove 

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The end of the 60 W light bulb

     |    Thursday, der 1. September 2011

Some people might disagree with me, but I regret that the 60 W light bulb has disappeared for good from German stores, yesterday. The light given by the new kind of light bulbs is not very nice in my opinion and I dislike the fact that dangerous mercury escapes from them, should they break. On top 

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     |    Sunday, der 28. August 2011

Photo: PeterXIII on flickr The Berlin City Parliament elections will take place on September, 18th. I sometimes have troubles choosing between two political parties that I find quite similar. That is why; I find the following website interesting (unfortunately, only available in German). The website’s name is Wahl-O-Mat.

Gérard Depardieu removed from a plane last week

     |    Sunday, der 21. August 2011

Photo: Vincent Roche on Flickr It seems like it becomes a custom for French middle-aged men to be taken out of planes lately. The first one was Strauss-Kahn in New York and last week, it was Gérard Depardieu’s turn. He is said to have urinated in a bottle at his seat before take off on a Cityjet 

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