Read it a second time and still like it: “Gestatten: Elite”

     |    Tuesday, der 26. October 2010

Recently there have cries throughout Germany advocating elite education. There’s money available for it too, as it seems that both the rich and the poor are united in their conviction that building a new elite is a worthwhile goal. However for those of us who don’t belong to that elite the question remains: what makes 

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Poor Germany: More Late Roman Decadence

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

The German government plans to raise benefits for the longterm unemployed from € 359 to € 361, an increase of 5 EUR. Young children currently receive € 215 , those aged 6-13 get € 251 and those from 14-17 receive € 287. Of this amount € 128,46 is allotted for food, which comes to about 

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Heinrich Steinfest: Crime Novels for Armchair Potatoes

     |    Monday, der 30. August 2010

  News from the Analog World   It all started with “Gewitter über Pluto” and “Mariaschwarz”. Here was a new author that I really liked: Austrian Heinrich Steinfest.  What a pleasure! Inventive, humorous, nasty, absolutely absurd yet staying in the here and now. Associative and thoughtful. Wonderful. I’ve just finished the author’s seventh book, “Batmans 

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Ban Genetically Modified Potatoes!

     |    Tuesday, der 17. August 2010

  The EU commission has approved ‘Amflora’, a strain of genetically manipulated potato. The commission has also announced that they will allow for crop use into Europe two new genetically modified types of sweet corn. Does the planting of genetically modified foods in Europe throw you into a rage? You’re not alone. Many environmental and 

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Congratulations: Catalonia Stops Bullfights and Animal Cruelty

     |    Thursday, der 29. July 2010

News from the analog world: The Barcelona regional parliament voted to end a form of mass entertainment based on torturing animals. The referendum ended with 68 to 55 votes against bullfighting. Nine members of parliament abstained. A number of parties suspended party line expectations and allowed representatives vote as they saw fit. The animal protection 

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