ART GIRLS Now Online!

     |    Friday, der 30. October 2015  |     6

After a nomadic existence in cinema screenings around Germany, ART GIRLS go domestic – as of today, the film is available on DVD through realeyz’s partner good!movies and as VOD on realeyz. To get into the mood, watch the teaser here: And here’s an in-depth conversation between director Robert Bramkamp and film critic Georg Seeßlen 

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Schlingensief 55

     |    Saturday, der 24. October 2015  |     10

Over five years ago, on August 21, 2015, pathbreaking film and theater director Christoph Schlingensief died of cancer. His controversial work had evolved steadily over 30 years. Schlingensief first became known with a film practice that strived to create Germany’s own „cinema of trangression“, not by emulating the mid-80s New York ’school‘ of the same 

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R.I.P. Chantal Akerman

     |    Wednesday, der 7. October 2015  |     9

Death is like taxes, and “thanks“ to social media there is no dearth of reports of cherished personalities exiting at a ripe old age and/or far too young. But the news of Chantal Akerman’s passing put a particular pall over yesterday. Akerman was a filmmaker who decisively influenced the way I think about cinema and 

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Now More Than Ever – The 9th Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival

     |    Sunday, der 4. October 2015  |     6

Human rights always matter. But this year, the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival (NIHRFF) couldn’t be more timely, with the increased influx of refugees into Europe, heightened awareness and indignation about government as well as corporate surveillance, the economic crisis in Greece, not to mention reports about human rights violations, but also inspiring stories 

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On Location In Prenzlauer Berg With Bright Blue Gorilla

     |    Friday, der 28. August 2015  |     3

Bright Blue Gorilla is back! The globetrotting musical and filmmaking duo of Los Angelenos Robyn Rosenkrantz und Michael Glover is shooting their sixth low budget feature, „Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee“, in Italy and Berlin. „Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee“ is the second Bright Blue Gorilla opus to be set in Berlin (earlier comedies KARATE FILM CAFÉ and LOSE 

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