About ‘The Devil On Tour’ highlights writes …

     |    Saturday, der 25. September 2010

… Stephanie Boyd (pictured in photo left) director and producer of the documentary The Devil Operation. // “Since the film’s launch in April this year, we’ve held grassroots screenings and workshops in Piura, Ayavaca, Yanta – a peasant farming community in Ayavaca affected by the Majaz mining concession – Cajamarca, Cusco and Puno. Outside Peru, 

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The Second Conquest

     |    Tuesday, der 14. September 2010

Free trade agreements? Who cares? How boring can you get. Yeah well… this ain’t boring. The free trade agreement between the European Union, Columbia and Peru makes for suspenseful reading. Adhesion contracts that have precious little to do with free trade. What would you need fat law books for if you really did promote free 

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10 years back, June 2: Mercury accident hits Choropampa

     |    Wednesday, der 2. June 2010

“Long ago the Spanish used weapons to kill our ancestors and take our wealth. Now they only need to contaminate us and take our wealth from under our noses.”, Julia Carrasco, farmer, Choropampa   Dear friends, On June 2nd, 2000, a truck from South America’s largest gold mine spilled 151 kilograms of liquid mercury, contaminating three villages in Peru’s northern Andean mountains. The 

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Chevron Goes Ballistic

     |    Monday, der 31. May 2010

    Maybe black balloons would have been more fitting to the occasion. But the creativity of the folks behind the Change Chevron Campaign knows no bounds. At the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival (in the state of California, USA) activists handed out hundreds of balloons. The balloons had the picture of of Chevron 

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