Eat More Shorts

     |    Wednesday, der 14. November 2012

In which, there having been no huge developments brought to our attention in the past seven days, we recap on some stuff and make some short comments on other stuff. In short, it’s about stuff. (Personal note to Matt Groening: if this use offends you, let me know. You know folks who know how to 

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Unavoidable Hiatus

     |    Wednesday, der 31. October 2012

Actually not. With floodwaters rising all along the East Coast and me watching Facebook Monday night as a friend reported the storm in real time from Jersey City until she couldn’t, this would be a very bad time indeed to go after fish.   I have spent the past week in the San Francisco area 

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The Intern Did It

     |    Wednesday, der 11. July 2012

I would like to thank the perpetrators of this blog for allowing me to be the absolute last person on the Internet to pick up and examine the story of young Emily White, the 20-year-old intern at National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered show who published a post on the show’s blog admitting that although 

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Tap Tap — Anybody There?

     |    Wednesday, der 6. June 2012

The May issue of Saveur magazine had an extensive article about a cuisine I’d always been interested in: Senegalese. I’ve been to exactly one Senegalese restaurant, in Paris, years ago, having lunch with a friend of a friend, and we had the usual: wolof rice (a rice-and-turkey concoction) and a fish stuffed with lemon and 

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Playing The Story

     |    Wednesday, der 9. May 2012

Woo-hoo!! That sound has, for the past couple of weeks, been eminating from my computer speakers, although, sad to say, less often in recent days. That’s because I’m stuck. Where I’m stuck is in the root system of a large tree, and by „me“ I mean a band of tiny beings who’ve been running around 

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