Waiting room, Neukölln

     |    Saturday, der 4. June 2011

A Dr.’s waiting room in Berlin-Neukölln „Hello! how can I help you?“ Films about Neukölln on realeyz.tv: Berlin Hasenheide/ Damla =Tropfen | Derya = Ozean

Burma chronicles

     |    Tuesday, der 8. March 2011

This month, Reprodukt, a Berliner publishing house specialized in cartoons, republished for the second time the book of Guy Delisle: «Chroniques Birmanes». The cartoonist Guy Delisle accompanies his partner while she works for six months in Burma for the NOG “Médecins sans frontières”. He goes for walks while she is at work. He tells his 

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Stéréovisio: read it, listen to it and propagate it!

     |    Saturday, der 15. January 2011

“Stéréovisio” is the beautiful result of a long term partnership between rockers and underground cartoonists. More than a simple compilation, this «vinyl book» originates from the South-Western part of France. The bands Strong Haïku, JFG and the Regulars, Kiss Kiss Karate Passion, Izzy Crash, David et Jonathan, Hoodlum and Magnetixsing psychedelic rock without any complex 

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German courses at the Volkshochschule…

     |    Tuesday, der 30. November 2010

    I saw the movie Zertifikat Deutsch in the Arsenal cinema at the begining of the film festival One World Berlin last Thursday. It reminded me that I had taken this picture during my last German courses at the Volkshochschule. The mood was rather relaxed. It was like a small vacation camp. There I 

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