Abel Ferrara: Mary Abel Ferrara sale del submundo: MARY

     |    Thursday, der 3. April 2014

  Jean-Luc Godard solía decir que los grandes presupuestos a la hora de rodar una película limitaban mucho el proceso creativo, ya que siempre se debía estar a merced del dinero. Él solamente quería hacer películas. De la misma manera, no hace mucho, Abel Ferrara afirmaba algo parecido „My existence is about making movies, so 

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Dreaming awake: GOODNIGHT NOBODY

     |    Thursday, der 20. March 2014

There are similar stories in every corner of the world. Feelings like anger, happiness or love appear across all cultures– as does insomnia. GOODNIGHT NOBODY, by Jacqueline Zünd, explores the world of four people who do not sleep. They never wake up, because they never fall asleep, and their day lasts 24 hours. This is 

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Lonely Pack: Playing at being kids

     |    Saturday, der 1. March 2014

Sonu and his friends run, shout, play soccer and still believe in superheroes. They are only kids, but they have already met the darkest side of life. They are the heroes of LONELY PACK, a documentary by Justin Peach that goes deep into the lives of a group of children who live on the streets 

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Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present

     |    Friday, der 14. February 2014

For almost forty years, Marina Abramović has used her body as a medium of expression, testing her own physical and physiological limits, flowing between fiction and reality. She is known for taking the idea of artistic performance to the edge; using nudity and self-flagellation as some of her strategies on scene. After a whole life 

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PUTTY HILL: Guerrilla Film-making

     |    Thursday, der 6. February 2014

Four years ago, director Matt Porterfield presented his film PUTTY HILL at the 60th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). His film was shown in the Forum section, for riskier festival formats ranging from innovative feature films to unconventional video installations. The Forum is where you are most likely to find cinema mingling 

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