The Gentleman of Egypt is Gone

     |    Sunday, der 13. February 2011

The Gentleman of Egypt is gone. During our Project DEMVOTE that took place in may 2010, the Egyptian dictator was described as a Gentleman of Egypt who sits in office for more than twenty years. Many thanks to the revolutionaries that risked their lives to bring this era of oppression and brutality in Egypt to 

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Tree of Equality Planted in Belzig

     |    Monday, der 8. November 2010

Planting of the „tree of equality“  The first tree of equality to be planted by African migrants in the German state of Brandenburg witnessed the appointment of three African traditional chiefs for the migrants. It was Friday the 29th of October 2010 in the city of Bad Belzig that the migrants gathered and planted the 

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Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig   On 16th September a diverse group of people met for a dialogue about discimination and to start the formation of a network on the topic. Both asylum seekers from Africa and migrants from East-Europe, members of migration organisations and representatives from local and federal governmental bodies sat together 

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Activists criticised EU and Africa in Wiesenburg

     |    Sunday, der 22. August 2010

  Activists criticised EU, Africa, in Wiesenburg Longinotto’s Documentary film, “the day I will never forget” was among the films screened inside closed tent to support presentations made by Cagintua e.V. during the just concluded ecotopia 2010 in Wiesenburg Germany.

Africa Migrants Set to Study German Democracy

     |    Thursday, der 17. June 2010

The first project designed by African migrants to study German system of democratisation, organised by cagintua e.V. Kicked off in Belzig on the 29th of May 2010 with a seminar on “democracy , human right and empowerment.” “When we arrived here we saw a system of government quite different from the one we left behind 

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