Writing movies by AI

     |    Friday, der 28. October 2016

By Andrew Horn I once had a friend named Lenny, who, among more normal pursuits, was a consummate prankster. One example would be the creation and distribution of a marketing pamphlet for a company called Compu-Date-o Seek: a computer dating service – if you remember those – for people who wanted to date computers. He 

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Adam…Ken Adam – Licensed to Build

     |    Friday, der 11. March 2016  |     13

In memoriam Ken Adam – first published on June 7, 2012. By Andrew Horn This was an interview I did a few years ago for an article that was much too short to take advantage of the material. Ken Adam is a production designer responsible for the early James Bond films (into the Roger Moore 

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My Own Private Berlinale 2015: Part 1

     |    Saturday, der 21. February 2015

By Andrew Horn It always annoys me when someone complains that a movie is not ‘visual enough” or when they claim there is too much dialogue. I have always been against “absolutes” and my feeling has always been “if it works, it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t” and some years ago I was comforted 

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We Are All “The Intern”

     |    Sunday, der 22. July 2012

By Andrew Horn When I read my colleague Ed Ward’s piece on the infamous Intern who owns tens of thousands of songs but only actually paid for 15 CDs, I thought I might as well put in my two cents – as it applies to the movies…sort of. Actually I kind of did already in 

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